About us

KCI is an investment group with a proven track record and an impressive portfolio of professional partners. Providing seed capital for promising ventures in their early development, KCI looks to match enthusiastic and visionary entrepreneurs with experienced and resourced individuals.

Looking ahead to tomorrow, KCI recognises the vast potential in the young entrepreneurs of today. We work closely with the UK’s top Universities to pick out passionate and driven individuals to mentor and help develop. KCI is also interested in partnering with more mature businesses and management to help elevate and expand within their specific industry.

The KCI team consists of a range of highly experienced individuals from a variety of industries, all of whom pride themselves on having grown their respective ventures in a uniquely competent way. This is perfectly combined with a handful of select, high-achieving graduates from Universities such as Oxford, Bristol, UCL and Kings. Through guidance and support both financially and otherwise, we are intent on bringing the same success to all our partners.

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