How we work

KCI provides seed capital and other key resources for the next generation of entrepreneurs who are committed to turning their vision into prosperous and thriving business ventures. We realise that every business is as unique as the individual behind it and so we encourage you to submit your business plan to our team of specialised consultants.

Following our four phase process, we aim to tackle difficulties early and tailor solutions to your needs. We bring you together with industry specialists and experts in the field so you can benefit from their wealth of knowledge and industry contacts.

Our approach is one of partnership as well as guidance, which we understand to be fundamental to survival in the modern market and so our expertise is always available to you at whatever stage of your development.

If you believe you have the drive. tenacity and business acumen to succeed, then we want to hear from you. Go to 'submit business plan' and get started!

Submit your business plan

Submit Plan

KCI requires you to submit a robust and intuitive business plan for our consultants to review.

To get started, click on 'submit business plan'. You can either directly upload a file, or use our paper napkin template form.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide assistance.

All business plans are protected by our non-disclosure agreement, making sure your interests are safeguarded.


Once our investors have reviewed your business plan, you will be invited for an interview at one of our London offices.

Here you will have the opportunity to pitch your idea face to face. You are given the chance to demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment to our investors. Just as important as the business is the founder behind it, YOU!

Before your business can be accepted into our portfolio, it will be thoroughly analysed by our due diligence team. Upon completion, you will be offered the opportunity to partner with KCI.


Now that you are partnered with KCI and have satisfied all preliminary requirements, the development stage begins.

With extensive planning and research, your business is put through stringent stress tests. KCI provide critical feedback to enable you to produce a viable and competitive model, whilst also exploring further avenues for growth and revenue.

Monthly reviews will be put in place to ensure the business moves forward along the right trajectory. If targets are met, KCI will look into securing further investment.


Once we have achieved a proven working model, you will receive further funding to help grow and expand.

At this stage the business model is modified for scale up. As all businesses are unique, this stage provides a lot of flexibility in order to keep in line with your specific goals.

Entrepreneurs reaching this stage will have built strong and trusting relationship with KCI, creating opportunities for career progression.